"Joanne was a critical part of my team during the most successful time in Kwikset's 60 year history. She possessed valuable attributes that were real assets. She was a team player, had strong interper

-Bob Shortt , Targus Inc.

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Consider Outsourcing Your Marketing

The technology and web platforms that have become necessary for online marketing literally change on a day-to-day basis. As a business owner, this makes it nearly impossible to keep up. Doing it yourself may no longer be an option. Or maybe an increasing workload is more than your current market ...

Optimizing Your Local SEO

As we trek through the digital age, one thing is for certain. Phone books are out. Gone are the days that your customers flip through thousands of pages to find local business information. They do online searches from their computers, tablets and phones. Small businesses need to be visible onlin ...

Ten Tips For An Effective Email Campaign

EMail can be a powerful way for businesses to communicate their message. It’s an affordable, and easy way to reach a wide audience at one time. Like anything else, it can come with a learning curve. Used right however, eMail can dramatically increase the power of your marketing. Here are ten sugge ...