The Meeting

people in a marketing outsource consulting meetingWe’ll meet with you in person to get to know your business and understand your needs. During this meeting we can provide a critique of your current website and marketing strategies and expose areas which may have opportunities for improvement. We’ll also give you the opportunity to get to know us and how we can best help your company. We work in the Chicago Metro area and can easily arrange a face-to-face meeting if you are located here. If not, we’ll be happy to set up a phone conference.

The Proposal

After we understand your business and your needs, we’ll put together a proposal that identifies the scope of your marketing needs and make recommendations as to how you can attain your business goals and objectives through improved marketing. This will help you get the best idea of our thoughts on how we can help you in your marketing.

Acceptance and Working Together

business handshake symbol of marketing outsource agreementWe use a product management system called “Basecamp” which tracks progress on project completion and serves as a central communication system where all correspondence and relevant files can be stored. Basecamp is so simple and easy to use anyone can do it, even without extensive computer skills. With Basecamp, the focus is on communication and collaboration, bringing people together in one central place.
In addition to using basecamp, we can work with you at your location, interfacing with your staff as necessary to become as familiar as possible with your business. Or, we can work offsite at our own location if that situation serves better.

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