Support For Your Next Marketing Project

We can manage your next marketing or new product development project, staying focused on the achievement of your project goals and objectives. We can provide team leadership working with your in-house staff to coordinate milestones or can manage resources externally relying on our own network of experts to meet your objectives. Either way, we are available to handle your short term project requirements and help you get the job done without adding overhead or unexpected expense.

Focused on Results

We focus on achieving results, not on hourly billing fees. When it comes to your project, we’ll start by getting a clear understanding of what you want to achieve, and then map out a plan that takes the project through to completion. We will provide a fee according to the scope of the project and will remain committed to finishing your project for no more than the predetermined fee. Unless you change the scope of the project, your fee will stay the same.

Dedicated To Your Satisfaction

Our plan will include a detailed timeline with individual steps, responsibilities and budget. We use a project management system called Basecamp, which allows you to stay in complete communication with the project details every step of the way throughout the entire timeline. Our goal is to achieve the project objectives within the scope and budget of the project as outlined from the beginning. We will provide our fee for the project, and invoice as we work through the milestones. We remain completely dedicated to exceeding your expectations on each and every project we complete for you.

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Call Trailblazer today at 630-338-6557 to learn how we can help your business thrive by providing project management and marketing expertise without the burden of adding on to your direct staff.

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