A Very Effective Tool

Print advertising comes in many forms including local, regional and national newspapers and magazines as well as special advertising mailings like Valpak, Clipper Magazine, Save On Everything, Coupon-Cash Saver, Money Mailer and others. Ads can vary in both size and color and strategies can range from consistent to sporadic depending on the intended reach and desired outcome.

Rev Up Your Marketing With Print

Despite the growing popularity of the web, print advertising can be a critical part of any viable marketing plan if used in the right way for the right product or service. Print advertising can drive potential customers to your website, store location or place of business when they otherwise may not have even thought about searching for you on the internet. A well-thought out print ad can also have a synergistic effect in the marketplace when included as an integral part of an awareness building campaign that also includes internet as well as other forms of advertising and public relations.

Research shows that a large percentage of online users are driven to the web by newspaper and magazine advertising. It also shows that a large majority of people use both newspapers and magazines regularly as well as the internet. The fact is that your company could be missing out on web traffic and potential sales as a direct result of underutilizing print advertising to gain exposure and drive prospects to your website and place of business.

Trailblazer Is Your Guide

Let Trailblazer help you decide whether print advertising could help round out your marketing strategy and make your online communications even more effective. Don’t waste your money if print advertising isn’t right for your business. Let Trailblazer be your guide!

Put Trailblazer In The Driver’s Seat

Put us in the driver’s seat and let Trailblazer help you make the most effective use of your marketing dollars. Contact us today at 630-338-6557 to set a time to discuss print advertising and other strategies to grow your business, build your presence on the web, increase your leads and generate sales!

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