A Valuable Tool, And It’s Free!

A good analytics reporting tool such as Google Analytics and others like it help track important data from websites that can prove extremely beneficial. For example, it can help pinpoint where a website’s effectiveness is on fire and where it has plain run out of gas. It can even help determine the effectiveness of marketing programs, online ads, and landing page offers. Website Analytics Reporting can help companies discover which keywords are working to attract the most visitors, where the “hot zones” are that are attracting the most attention or even where the “dead zones” are that may need fixing. In fact the list of details that can be learned from following a web analytics reporting tool can seem never ending.

Gain Valuable Insite To Your Website’s Effectiveness

You can track analytics data on an ongoing basis and use it to make continuous improvements to your website and complete internet marketing strategy. Used in conjunction with a Web Performance Improvement Program it can offer valuable information that can ultimately translate to a higher conversion rate of leads to sales, a greater number of inquiries or even more sales, and that means more money to your bottom line. Is your site “sticky?” Do people visit your site and stay a while or do they bounce on and bounce off? What pages do they go to? What pages prompt them to leave? Where to they go next? Where did they come from in the first place? There is so much data available from analytics programs that you may have find you have more than you need.

Let Trailblazer Show You How You Can Improve

While many programs are free, let Trailblazer help you set one up with any website we build for you or even add it to an existing website. If you don’t have the time or inclination to monitor the analytics data yourself, you can hire Trailblazer to do the work for you and make the best recommendations for improvements to your website and internet strategy. Call us at 630-338-6557 to find out how you can get better aquainted with web analytics and get your website on the road to better performance today!

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