An Important Part of Any Internet Lead Generating Strategy

A Landing Page is a website page that generates leads by providing an incentive to the visitor to provide their contact information so that you can contact them and convert them to a customer. The incentives for the visitor to leave their phone number, e-mail address or other contact information can range from offering an e-book or white paper, to special promotions and offers on your products or services or other offers of value. Visitors can be lead to one of your landing pages via a link from a Pay-Per-Click Ad, an E-mail Marketing Campaign or other link placed strategically on the web through other forms of internet advertising. Landing pages can be targeted to a specific audience and can be extremely effective at generating new leads.

Avoid Lost Leads By Implementing A Good Landing Page

The creation and testing of different landing pages often ties in directly with a particular PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising Campaign or e-mail campaign as they work in conjunction with one another to build your website leads and subsequent conversion rates. When you send someone from your PPC Ad or your E-mail Campaign directly to your home page, you risk them clicking away simply because they don’t know what to do next. Send them to a good landing page instead that instructs them on exactly what they need to do to receive the offer and capture their information before they click away.

Generate New Leads Through Landing Page Offers

Your business can benefit from landing pages as a result of their ability to generate new leads either for your products, business or service offerings. You can test different versions of the same landing page and through analytics learn which ones are more effective at generating new leads. The under-performing landing page can be tossed out and a new one put in its place in an attempt to improve on the results of the most successful one.

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