Extend Your Marketing Reach and Round Up New Leads

There are many websites that offer opportunities to promote specials and/or promotions for businesses on a local, regional or even national level. Some are free, some are not. These special offers can either link right to your website via a landing page or promote your web address. They can be a great way to round up new leads for your business and promote visibility in the community. Many of them also provide directories where a business can list its name, web address and other information such as hours of operation, and provide an incentive offer to lure customers in.

Drive New Customers Right To Your Door

Whether your business is targeted to consumers or you are a B2B company, it can be very beneficial to utilize these resources to promote specials and offers. Not only can it help to get the word out on your product or service, it can be very beneficial to your search engine rankings to become linked to these large directories and advertising websites as they can lend greater credibility to your site in the eyes of Google and other large search engines such as Yahoo and Bing. In addition, many of the sites offer reviews and you can encourage your customers that use these sites to write a review of your business – provided of course they had a positive experience!

Let Trailblazer Help You Generate More Sales!

Trailblazer can recommend the right websites for you to list and promote your business on, and even do the work for you. Depending on the type of business you are in, you can either participate by listing your business on key directories or promote special offers or both. Contact us today at 630-338-6557 to set up a time when we can discuss this and other strategies to build your presence on the web, increase your leads and generate sales!

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