Website Consulting


Your Strategic Road Map To Success

Strategic Marketing Consulting gps symbolWe evaluate your website both in terms of the communication strategy and the programming. We then give you an evaluation on what steps need to be taken for improvement. We provide you with the right strategic direction to drive sales and your bottom line growth objectives. Our complete web consultation process includes two phases:
Phase 1: Research and Review
Phase 2: Creating The Plan

Phase 1: Research and Review

In this initial phase we’ll uncover important information about the inner workings of your company’s website and talk with you about which strategies have worked for you in the past and which ones haven’t. We’ll review your competition and your customer base evaluating your strengths and weaknesses. This critical first step of your web evaluation is helpful in every aspect of your growth strategy and marketing planning.
We critically evaluate four key areas impacting your business.
A: Your Business – What is the value proposition that your business offers the marketplace? What are your strengths and weaknesses? What opportunities exist to make your brand stand out?
B: The Competition – What are the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors? What threats do they pose to your business? What advantages do you have against them?
C: The Marketplace – What arena does your business compete in? What are the critical aspects of the target consumer? What are the demographics of the target audience? What economic, technological, cultural, political and legal issues affect your business?
D: Your Customers – What are the critical aspects of your customer base that affect purchase patterns? What changes are evolving in the marketplace that will have an impact on future buying decisions?

Phase 2: The Plan

road map of chicago as symbol of marketing consulting for chicago area businessesOur plan for your business includes a strategic roadmap that identifies the best route to achieving your marketing objectives. We develop an in-depth understanding of your business and create recommendations specific to your unique business.


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